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Blue Sky SEO is a search marketing agency that makes the phone ring and gets you leads and sales.

We provide websites, SEO, local search, email campaigns and websites, plus run Breakfast Bites, our own referral networking club as part of the marketing mix.

We will maximise the full potential and functionality of other tools to drive your business forward, plus ensure people discover your business for important keywords they are actually typing into Google.

Try checking your own business by searching for it in the press or on the internet. Would you be able to find or call your business? If not, then please call us.

Digital marketing

Event Listing & Management

Got a great idea for an event but don’t have time or the knowledge to deliver it? Maybe we can give you ideas too?

About David

Hi, I’m a marketing specialist working for all kinds of businesses organising events, sending press releases and creating SEO rich content.

Blue Sky SEO is listed on Design Rush, a B2B Marketplace for Finding Agencies.

I’ve worked with many marketing agencies and a have a long track record of success in many sectors, including projects with councils and other public sector organisations.

You can find out more about me here and get in touch if you think I can help.

Jamie Dinsdale
Jamie Dinsdale
20:21 20 Jun 24
Wendy Spencer
Wendy Spencer
08:30 19 Jun 24
David from Blue Sky SEO has been extremely helpful in cleaning up our website. Would highly recommend Blue Sky SEO services. First class!
Andrew Metcalfe
Andrew Metcalfe
10:41 19 Sep 23
got david to start an seo campaign for me and what can i say !!!!the man is fantastic at what he does and he's quick!!! 5 star work would recommend to anyone ....thank you david .
Emma Goodwin
Emma Goodwin
16:20 24 Feb 23
Extremey efficient and helpful. 'Blue Sky Thinking' definitely made me feel as though anything is possible and has helped enormously. Very effective. Thank you David.
Nicci & Darren
Nicci & Darren
21:30 27 Jan 23
As a small business owner we spend too much time working in the business and not enough working on the business. As a result our digital presence really needed the health check that David provided. He has great enthusiasm for helping businesses get recognised and his specialised knowledge means he has the tools to help your business fly.
Tracey Darley
Tracey Darley
14:56 27 Jan 23
We received 5 star support from David! He helped us get our venue moving and visible. We love the tweaks he suggested. Book him and see what he can do for your business too. : )
Jodi Law
Jodi Law
19:32 29 May 20
Thanks David for making things so easy. I'm getting new clients through google, I love my website and now know so much more about tech! David is really patient and knowledgeable, I highly recommend him.
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