Local SEO in Bingley

Google shows tools like MAPs before top ranking website listings.

Local SEO in Bingley.

It’s not just about your website!

You need to be found quickly & easily on Google Maps and ideally have a pin at your location in Bingley.

Notice that Google displays its advertisers and own tools above all the organic page listings in the results (SERPS). People may not even get to your website.

Getting on Google Maps is not that difficult, but maximising your exposure, the space you get allocated and encouraging visitors to contact you is very different.

Website Audit

Give your website a ‘health check’ to identify areas that need addressing..

Google MAPs

A powerful tool that is essential for all local businesses. Much more than just a map.

Geo Grid Tracking

View your geographic coverage for important keywords with local search tools.


National, niche & local directories Google expects credible businesses to use.

“29% of consumers who search for a local business on a mobile device,
call or visit that business within 24 hours.” Nectafy

1. Website Audit in Bingley

It’s important to carry out a website audit on a regular basis as no matter the skill of your developer, gremlins creep in, clients break things and the internet continues to evolve.

Identifying critical performance metrics and the many areas that can affect how your website operates is always a good place to start in any web marketing support and planning.

Website audit
Website audits often show technical improvements necessary

2. Local SEO & Google Maps in Bingley

Adding a Bingley business location to Google Maps is straight forward, but it takes experience, specialist tools and on-going, targeted updates to:

  • Maximise the number of enquiries and get into the top three (Local Pack) for important keywords.
  • Increase the space allocated to your profile by using all the tools.
  • Increase your geographic reach around Bingley and how often your profile is shown, beating the competition.
  • Convert random searchers into becoming paying, loyal customers.

“He has great enthusiasm for helping businesses get recognised and his specialised knowledge means he has the tools to help your business fly.”

3. Geo Grid Tracking in Bingley

To give confidence in your investment, I report on the coverage your profile receives in Bingley for the keywords people are actually using via a colour-coded, digital grid system. This can be for different areas of any town or city you are targeting and with careful management, can be improved and increased.

See how you rank for keywords in parts of your local area

4. Citations – What Are They?

Think of citations as signals Google expects to see across the internet when a credible business has been trading correctly. Over time, a stable business will join directories like Yell, Yelp, Thompson or Scoot, many of which feed other business directories. It’s likely to appear in local Bingley listings and on niche/sector/event websites too.

Submitting to individual citations takes a great deal of time, so my service includes submitting to 50 allows you to get on with more productive tasks.

Business directory citations
Citations help you be credible with Google

5. Why Bingley Needs Me?

If you’re a Bingley window cleaner, it’s my job to keep you up the ladder. If you’re a guest house, it’s my job to keep you cooking breakfasts. And humbly, I’m pretty good at it!

You probably think you’re existing agency or web designer has already set up your GBP. They may have, but most agencies focus on design and presentation and often don’t have the sufficient level of SEO knowledge or skill to make it effective. The budget may have only included a basic set up.

But, if your GBP is not managed on a regular basis, you’ll be missing out on so many opportunities.

“We received 5 star support from David!
He helped us get our venue moving and visible.
We love the tweaks he suggested.
Book him and see what he can do for your business too.”

6. Don’t Take My Word For it – Do This Test!

Think how you personally search for services you use in a busy day. Most people ‘scan’ the results of Google Maps and may not even get to your website, no matter how helpful it may be.

Go to an area in Bingley you serve, that’s not near to your home or business and search for your services using lots of different terms (there will be many). Be honest, would you really choose your own profile?

7. Want A Free Website?

Some small, successful businesses in Bingley add their Facebook profiles or pages to their GBP and these can sometimes show in search results against weak competition. What these businesses probably don’t know is that Google gives you a website, for free.

When you purchase a Local SEO package from me, I will configure your Google website at no additional cost.

8. Local SEO Prices

Google Maps & 50 Citations – £495

  • Full audit of your website and current citations.
  • Keyword research that customers are actually using to find you or your competitors.
  • Optimise your Google Business Profile with those keywords, including all the important features and functions.
  • Write and submit your 50 citations, which will take up to eight weeks to complete.

Management & Grid Map Reporting – £95 per month

For a twelve month retainer agreement:

  • Add regular information to GBP updates, photos and events as well as respond to reviews and messages (fair usage applies).
  • Report on the grid tracking search results.
  • Check your citations remain live and error-free.