Youtube - The Second Largest Search Engine In The World

YouTube – The Second Largest Search Engine In The World

YouTube – The Second Largest Search Engine In The World!

You probably know that YouTube is owned by Google, but did you know that a new video is uploaded to YouTube every second? That’s 500 hours of video every minute!

YouTube is a great source of information and is the second largest search engine in the world, second only to Google Search itself. So if you’re serious about maximising your presence on the internet and winning visitors, why would you ignore YouTube?

Creating quality videos can be a time-consuming task so if you are going to start a YouTube channel, it’s worth properly. You could have a fantastically informative video that everyone would get value from, but unless people see it, you may as well not bother.

As a YouTube user, you will know how much quicker and more engaging video is to get your message across. It’s an effective way of re-enforcing your brand personality and start the process of building trust.

How To Set Up A YouTube Channel

Like every other marketing tool, YouTube needs to be set up correctly to properly exploit it. There’s a great deal to it, but here’s some guidance to get you started.

Login to your Google account, go to YouTube and create a Channel for your brand, rather than uploading videos to your personal channel. You can create multiple channels if you have multiple businesses and it’s important that each channel maintains has its own focus for its target audience.

So, for your channel, decide…. Who is your channel aimed at? What kind of video content would they like to watch?

If you can’t answer this straight away, do a little research of your competitor channels to see how they’ve set up their channel, how often they post and what type of videos get the most views and likes.

Within your channel, click on Customisation and follow the instructions for the Layout, Branding and tabs.

  • Layout: Highlight a video for your subscribers to watch, add sections of your videos and/or your playlists.
  • Branding: Add a profile image such as a logo and a banner image across the top of your channel. You can also add a video watermark in the bottom right hand corner (150 x 150) and this can be displayed near the end of the video, at a custom start time or for the entire video. If visitors hover over this image, they are encouraged to subscribe to your channel, so worth adding a Youtube logo or other appropriate image.
  • Basic info: Add your channel name and description. Explain what the visitor is likely to get from your channel. Again, keep it simple, concise and as engaging as possible. Make it clear why they should subscribe to you – your value proposition.

How To Set Up Your Video Posts

After spending so much time creating a video, YouTube has numerous tools to help you maximise views and subscribers, so it makes sense to use them. Here are some key points to have in mind before posting:

  • Research – what are the keywords or phrases your target audience uses to search for their videos. Incorporate these into your video headline, description and tags.
  • Title – make is snappy and enticing, including your target keywords/phrase, such as “5 Top Tips For….”.
  • Description – Add your keywords in the first two lines as the description as this is often shown with your thumbnail image.
  • Tags – Add numerous other keywords and phrases relating to your topic.
  • Thumbnails – It’s important that thumbnails grabs the attention of visitors and is worth getting professionally made if need be. Ideally, you will create a series of thumbnails with similar styling that work together when a visitor views your playlists, etc.
  • Monetising Youtube – You require a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch time over 12 months before you can begin to monetise your channel via Google Adsense.

I suggest you watch these two videos which contain lots of facts and figures, but will answer many of your questions.

If you need help implementing the above and want assistance, please get in touch. This is my area of expertise and I enjoy it, even the long, laborious stuff.